Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I have decided to fully embrace my body hair regardless of public setting.

As the spring has turned into summer the opportunities for me to go shirtless have obviously increased.

For no discernible reason my relationship with my body hair, specifically my (considerable amount of) back hair, has been tense and shameful of my natural amount of body hair.
i am not sure why because I am usually pretty self assured and of the “who gives a fuck what others think” mindset. Even if my self esteem is a little shaky I can usually at least “fake it till I make it” with my confidence. However this Spring has been different.

I have been hesitant to remove my shirt, I am worried I will offend people with my appearance, I get embarrassed when people lightheartedly remind me of my hairiness.

I am not sure why I am this hairy, but dammit I enjoy my body hair and I will be proud and unashamed of myself.

Also i will try and take more photographs focusing on my hair as an effort to become more comfortable with it.


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